Cream puffs, a delicious pastry!

AliceÔchoux is the ideal destination to get your hands on delicious traditional cream puffs that will make you experience an authentic taste. A pastry shop located in the heart of Montreal, where sweet and savory flavors, light and crispy textures, mingle in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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Each cream puff is a work of art!

At AliceÔchoux, the artisanal and traditional making of cream puffs is a true passion. We work only with quality ingredients to carefully and skillfully make each cream puff. The choux pastry is prepared with care, and each puff is hand-dressed to obtain a regular shape. The puffs are then baked in the oven to obtain a crispy texture on the outside and soft on the inside. The pastry cream is also prepared with quality ingredients, without preservatives or additives. Finally, each puff is garnished with a generous portion of pastry cream and delicately decorated with a fine glaze for a touch of finesse. At AliceÔchoux, each cream puff is a true work of art, prepared with passion and dedication for the pleasure of your taste buds.
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