The pastry chef behind this delicious dessert, the cream puff!

I grew up in France, specifically in Brittany and Île-de-France, where I studied cooking and pastry making. My experiences around the world have expanded my vision of modern pastry making. Being naturally indulgent and loving to please, I decided to create a place that reflects these values, offering you delicious and tasty desserts.

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The birth of AliceÔchoux, a passion for pastry in Montreal!

In 2018, I made the decision to settle in Quebec, fascinated by the culture, history, and unique atmosphere of Montreal. From the very first moments, I knew I was at home. The city charmed me with its bustling streets, historic buildings, and green parks, but what touched me the most was the kindness and warmth of the people.

As a pastry chef, I was impressed by the quality and diversity of local products, as well as the open-mindedness of customers. Fascinated by entrepreneurship and passionate about creating new pastries, I had the idea of creating the first cream puff house in Montreal. The idea quickly took shape, and that's how AliceÔchoux was born.

When I started selling my cream puffs in 2022, I was filled with conflicting emotions: joy and excitement, but also fear and uncertainty. I had invested so much effort and passion into my project that I hoped customers would appreciate my creations as much as I do.

I am proud to say that AliceÔchoux's sweet and savory cream puffs have won the hearts of many customers since our opening. I am grateful for the chance I had to realize my entrepreneurial dream in Montreal, a city that has offered me so much support and encouragement. For me, AliceÔchoux is not just a pastry house, it is a symbol of my love for this city and the passion I have for my profession. Each cream puff is a small work of art that I am proud to share with my customers, hoping to bring them a little happiness and pleasure.

Our star cream puffs