Order original and tasty desserts, with cream puffs in the spotlight!

AliceÔchoux offers sweet and savory cream puffs made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Each bite will be a true delight for your taste buds thanks to our expertise in choux pastry and our creativity in terms of filling. Place your order with AliceÔchoux and enjoy unique and delicious desserts!

choux à la crème
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Cream puffs, delicious desserts for all your events!

Cream puffs are delicious and original desserts that are perfect for all events. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, family gathering or business event, cream puffs will bring a touch of indulgence and refinement to your evening.

Sweet cream puffs come in a variety of flavors, ranging from classic chocolate and vanilla to more exotic flavors like pineapple and banana. They can be presented as individual small puffs or assembled into a magnificent tiered cake of 30, 40, 50 to 60 puffs!

As for savory cream puffs, they are also an excellent option for events. Garnished with cheese, onions, herbs, or habanero pepper, they will delight your guests' taste buds at a cocktail party or buffet.

In short, cream puffs are versatile and elegant desserts that adapt to all occasions. So don't hesitate any longer and add a touch of creativity to your next event by offering cream puffs to your guests.